The Proven Process

The 4 Stages

The Rebuilding Programs has changed more than 100,000 lives. Now, it's your turn.

The Fisher Rebuilding Seminar was first created in the 1980s by Dr. Bruce Fisher. As he worked privately with people he realized that modern therapeutic methods weren't sufficient. So he began studying the issues to understand what people needed and what information and strategies actually worked.

He eventually simplified the issues in 19 steps for people to work through. Then, he organized them into a logical flow that anyone can follow.

The 19 "Blocks"

Everyone's circumstances of their divorce is unique, but the effects are similar. Dr. Bruce Fisher created a step-by-step structure that walks people through each step or "block". He called this "climbing the mountain". At the top, is freedom. For one person a particular block may take 5 minutes. For another it is "the" block that they are stuck on. By giving you a map and the right guidance from an expert, you are able to rebuild your life, very quickly.

The 4 Phases

The 19 steps can be daunting to people that are overwhelmed. Rest assured that it isn't as hard as it looks. In fact the process can be simplified into 4 major phases.



Our thoughts can create our suffering. Having the right mindset and learning how to shift your thoughts so that you are the victor, not the victim is life changing. When you are in control you are strong and resilient.




Anger, grief, loneliness, shock, anxiety and more are feelings. Yet most people don't really know WHAT they are feeling, nor how what to do with it. When you allow yourself to turn toward your feelings you are more alive and engaged. What you feel is real!




Many people "lose themselves" in their relationships. Then, when the relationship ends they simply don't know who they are. By reconnecting with yourself, maybe for the first time, you become centered and solid. You are authentically you.




The first 3 phases set the foundation for this phase. They are directed inside. The last phase is about your connections with others. You will learn how to build healthy, meaningful and deeply satisfying relationships.



  • 30 Hours of Live, In-class Learning

  • Class Materials: Including a textbook and workbook (over 200 pages of printed information)

  • Access to a video library so that you can learn and grow on your own schedule as well.

  • Weekly calls with your peers to give and get support from others also committed to recovery.

  • Regular social activities outside of class.

  • 2 30-Minute private calls with your facilitator (one at the beginning and one at the end)

Let's Start Rebuilding. Together.

You don't have to do this alone. You aren't the only one going through this. With the right combination of community, coaching, and content you can dramatically rebuild your life. You can be happy and looking forward to the next chapter. How will you Rebuild?

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