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The Rebuilding Programs has changed more than 750,000 lives. Now, it's your turn.

The Fisher Rebuilding Seminar was first created in the 1980s by Dr. Bruce Fisher. As he worked privately with people he realized that modern therapeutic methods weren't sufficient. So he began studying the issues to understand what people needed and what information and strategies actually worked.

He eventually simplified the issues in 19 steps for people to work through. Then, he organized them into a logical flow that anyone can follow.

Who We Help

There's no limit to circumstances and obstacles that arise in life, and there's very little that we can't help within regards to the emotional wounds of divorce. It has been said that divorce is the second most difficult situation in life. Dealing with it takes the right combination of support, information and guidance.

At the end of the day, heartbreak is heartbreak. It leaves no one untouched. Whether you are early in the process or divorced for 20 years the wounds need to healed. Nevertheless there are unique circumstances depending on where you are in the process.

Considering Divorce

When you don't know what is going to happen it can leave you in "no-man's land". What we know is that if you do nothing, nothing will change. So, if you want to reconcile then you need to focus on you first. We do that by giving proven tools that will help you understand yourself and your partner better. We also give you a way to take the emotion out of the equation so that you can peacefully and thoughtfully make the right decision and move forward with confidence.



Divorce has been referred to as having a bomb go off in your personal life. Everything is affected. Being with others that are going the same process gives you a network of friends that you can actually talk to. Plus you will get the tools and guidance to release the pain gracefully so that you can turn the page. People in the divorce process often feel very alone and our community of support gives you an instant support network that you can lean on.



Once the papers are signed there is no option other than to move forward. Sometimes the wounds are more obvious to people that have been divorced for months, if not years, to see that the wounds don't heal until they are dealt with. Divorcees often report that they are stuck in the 5 Obstacles to Letting Go.

In fact, a recent study showed that typically people feel WORSE 10 months after their divorce than 2 months after their divorce.


Men and Women

and anyone in between

Often people want to be with their "own". They want to feel comfortable sharing and dealing with their healing with others that will understand. It's natural to find a tribe where you feel safe.

In our programs we believe that if we divide people into groups they miss out on perspective. They don't get to hear from the "other side". They reinforce their self limiting beliefs.

So, we encourage groups that unite, rather than divide. Often the right people show up in your class and they are exactly what you need, regardless of how they identify.


Sexual Orientation

Heartbreak affects everyone. If you are human you have thoughts and feelings. You have an identity. You have relationships. These things don't change based on who you are with. We support people of all orientations, beliefs, and choices.

This program isn't about your behaviors, it is about being human. If you can align with that concept then we would love to have you!



Whether your marriage was long or short does not matter. People often say before they start our program, "my life is over", (even people in their 30s).

As you get older your priorities change. It isn't about the kids or what you will do for a career. It is about finding your true worth. It is about learning "what your soul needs". This is a paradigm shift, to be truly, authentically happy - regardless of age.


Let's Start Rebuilding. Together.

You don't have to do this alone. You aren't the only one going through this. With the right combination of community, coaching, and content you can dramatically rebuild your life. You can be happy and looking forward to the next chapter. How will you Rebuild?

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